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Address Your Most Challenging Workloads at a Fraction of the Cost 

Software-Defined and High-Performance

Combined for the First Time

High performance storage has always been the biggest challenge and limitation to the software-defined approach. As a truly software-only storage solution providing unprecedented performance from commodity hardware, Rozo fills this gap and finally lets you fully benefit from software defined data centers.

A Proven Scale-Out Architecture

RozoFS is a software-only scale-out NAS using a proven shared nothing architecture. It was built on purpose to combine high availability and high performance by leveraging an ultra fast patented data protection algorithm. With Rozo you will get the best from your hardware without blowing up your budget.

Standard Hardware

Use any hardware you want, bare metal or virtual. Combine it with a regular LAN and the storage backend of your choice (HDD/SSD/flash). Apply our automated deployment tools... You're all set.

Scalable Redundant Storage Pools


Assemble all available storage devices in one or several pools. For example, create a HDD pool and a SSD pool. Scale easily by adding nodes or devices to existing nodes eliminating silos. Rozo will parallelize device usage for high performance and also ensure high data and service availability at the low cost of 50% redundancy. All this without performance trade-off.

Standard Protocols

Create as many file systems as you need, share them through well-known protocols such as CIFS and NFS. No need for application or workflow modifications. Benefit from high-speed data access thanks to the scale-out architecture leveraged by fault tolerant load balancing.

Use it as a File Service...

Provide high performance scalable storage to your applications through your regular LAN. Access to the storage is as simple as connecting to the enterprise network.

...or as a Converged Infrastructure


Using Rozo as a POSIX file system reduces the cost of your infrastructure by co-locating storage and applications on the same servers.

Automate Provisioning and Orchestrate Rozo

on Private, Public or Hybrid Clouds

Find the right balance that suits your workloads, workflows and budget.

Easy to Set Up, Manage and Monitor


Script the automation tools to deploy, extend, upgrade or replicate your setup. Use the GUI to create file systems, network shares and get the status of your platforms in real-time. Leverage all information provided by Rozo CLI to optimize or diagnose your storage. Connect Rozo diagnostic tools to your favorite monitoring framework.

Seamless Integration


Used like a traditional network file system on your LAN, RozoFS does not require any modification of your applications or workflows. It will serve your workstations and servers whether they run Linux, Windows or Mac OS. RozoFS is fully compliant with directory services such as OpenLDAP or Active Directory.

No Downtime


Storage device, network or node failures are fully transparent to the applications. Not only does RozoFS rebuild storage devices or full nodes, but its self-healing capability will always ensure data redundancy. More so, to protect from hardware malfunctions, RozoFS ensures data integrity from storage device to application and automatically repairs any detected data corruption.

Versatile and Flexible

RozoFS lets you create tiers of storage according to your performance and capacity requirements. Each of these tiers can support several file systems allowing thin provisioning. Thanks to its quotas feature, RozoFS lets you re-size these file systems on the fly.

Fast File System Analytics


RozoFS provides both an API and ready-to-use tools on top of its metadata services. By getting rid of the usual tree scanning, it is lightning fast to extract critical information from your file systems. This feature is available on extended attributes opening a path to a wide range of applications in your workflow. 

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