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RozoFS Software Makes
Storage Affordable


We think high performance shouldn't be expensive


Enterprises are increasingly adopting software-defined storage (SDS). In a study published in 2016, Gartner discloses that CIOs believe SDS will deliver significant benefits and 100% of early adopters saw a positive ROI in the first year. Rozo Systems makes SDS compelling by delivering a unique combination of performance, scalability and affordability. RozoFS scale-out NAS solution produces performance that exceeds the fastest SAN offerings at a fraction of the cost by running on commodity servers. To achieve this mission, Rozo Systems benefits from an experienced team that combines talents from the high-tech industry and research labs, and from the support of its investment partners Nestadio Capital and Ouest Angels Capital.

We built RozoFS to deliver storage that is affordable, fast and scalable

Rozo Systems was founded in 2010 to deliver high performance, scalable storage at low cost in the cloud. The company leverages an innovative erasure code, the Mojette Transform, invented at the Université de Nantes (France). The company owns all Mojette Transform IP and has secured it with three patents.

Thanks to a team with complementary skills

The Rozo Systems Technical Leadership Team, Now Part of Hammerspace

  • Pierre Evenou is now a member of the Hammerspace leadership team as Vice President, Advanced Technology.

  • Didier Féron and Jean-Pierre Monchanin are members of the Hammerspace development team as Senior Staff Software Engineers.

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