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Rozo Systems Helps Umedia Increase Storage Performance and Scalability

Software-defined scale-out NAS solution allows leading production company to plan for future growth

SAN MATEO, CALIFORNIA, November 15, 2017 –– Rozo Systems, a provider of software-defined scale-out NAS solutions, announced today that Umedia, one of Europe’s leading production companies, has selected RozoFS, a software-only solution that runs on commodity x86 servers, for better performance and scalability. RozoFS significantly improves the performance of Umedia’s storage infrastructure while providing the ability to optimize the system in real-time, enabling future growth. Avantcam, a reseller specialized in technical equipment for the production and post-production of movies and television series, worked with Rozo on this deployment. More details about this customer implementation can be found here.

“The most compelling arguments for selecting RozoFS are the outstanding performance and the complete visibility provided in the storage system. Also, it is backed by a very responsive support, better than anything I have experienced,” said Julien Bastidon, IT manager at Umedia.


Capacity expansion of the RozoFS system is efficient, with no downtime, so little planning is required; additional nodes and disks are easily integrated into the existing storage cluster, with optimized rebalancing of data occurring automatically. Also, the performance and scalability of the RozoFS architecture make it possible for Umedia to keep more media assets on the Tier 1 system. This reduces the roundtrips between the Rozo-based Tier 1 system and the ZFS-based Tier 2 system. The result is a workflow within a single platform, producing quicker turnaround on time-critical projects.

About Rozo Systems

Rozo Systems is a provider of software-defined scale-out NAS solutions. RozoFS delivers real-time performance, high resiliency and low cost for petabytes of multi-user storage systems. The core of its patented technology is a unique erasure coding
algorithm with unmatched performance. The software runs on any standard x86 servers powered by Linux. With headquarters in Nantes, France and the U.S. office in San Mateo, California, Rozo Systems benefits from an experienced team from the high-tech industry and research labs, and support of investment partners Nestadio Capital and Ouest Angels Capital. For more information, visit or email

About Umedia

Umedia is a vertically integrated, international film group with 160 staff based in London, Brussels, Paris, Vancouver and Los Angeles. The company is one of Europe’s leading production groups, combining the activities of development, production, financing, visual effects and finishing. Since its inception in 2004, Umedia has invested more than $500 million via its tax shelter, equity and development funds, and has been involved in 350 films, including Grace de Monaco, John Wick, Yves Saint Laurent and multi-academy award-winning The Artist.


RozoFS is a trademark of Rozo Systems SAS. All other tradenames and trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

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