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Hammerspace Acquires Rozo Systems 
Expand Performance Capabilities of its Unstructured Data Orchestration System


Software-defined and high-performance combined for the first time

High-performance storage has always been the biggest challenge and limitation to the software-defined approach. As a truly software-only storage solution providing unprecedented performance from commodity hardware, Rozo fills this gap and finally lets you fully benefit from software defined data centers.

Easy to use

In private, public or hybrid clouds, Rozo provides an easy way to scale to petabytes by simply adding nodes with a fully-automated deployment. Access for your applications is seamless through well-known NAS protocols such as NFS or SMB.

Lightning fast

Rozo optimizes your hardware performance whatever your media choice - HDD or flash. Each node in Rozo can sustain really high performance for sequential or random I/Os. Of course, the more nodes you add, the more performance you get.

Always on

Thanks to its ultra fast erasure code applied to all files, Rozo provides data protection equivalent to three or more copies with only a 50% redundancy overhead. Server, network and disk failures are fully transparent to applications.


Cost-effective high-performance storage

Get rid of data silos and performance bottlenecks implied by dedicated hardware solutions and scale-up architectures. Build peta-scale high-performance storage on demand using commodity hardware.

Optimize infrastructure​

Stop spending money on underused and oversized dedicated hardware. Use a single infrastructure with fluid resources of high-performance storage.

Simplify operations

Rationalize operational efforts with one versatile automated storage solution. Accelerate high-performance storage delivery through cloud-like deployment.

Increase productivity

Do more in less time thanks to storage speed. Spend more time using storage than designing it.

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